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Thursday, 15 January 2015

I'm pression

12 January 2015 should be the first day of class but i change it to today. 
I keen to stay awake until 7 am and wake up by 4pm in the last few days until yesterday.  I've done different kind of readings on media websites in those days , trying to manage schedule properly in order to work efficiently in the upcoming events. The only way to eliminate  the negative , is to increase your understand about the world  by reading news.

At least this is the simplest way, non-time consuming activity to me.

Conclusion :
Feeling of being alone in life doesn't matter, but i cannot stand alone in a big house with negative feelings. They are just like devils to clog your pavement to a destination , enthrall you to way of no ways. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Recorded moments - VCR

Potato Waffle

Campbell's Tomato JUICE

Photos credit : Thanks to Billy in helping out to snap down the special moments in VCR even it's partially contributed to the idea of the photography.

Last time, Fatboy and I noticed from the founder of "When Everything starts from ONE "that there is a coffee place to go other than Typica Cafe around Berjaya Times Square shopping complex, which is  VCR. We walked to figure out where is building of Swiss Garden Residence, unassuming that VCR is just in the corner lot aligned with other houses, we almost miss it out until we found there was numbers of people sitting on the balcony of the place. Yea, the  style of  the architecture is out of our expectation.  It is listed in "The Best Coffee in KL" by TimeOut Kuala Lumpur and TOP 20 MUST TRY COFFEE PLACES IN KL in SAYS malaysia.

We felt a sense of familiarity, wishing there is one day we can really enjoy a coffee like in a friend's house. Unfortunately we were too busy for final exams, can't even fit VCR to our busy timetable.

Finally, last Friday i catched up an old-friend which is peviously worked as a student journalist during few years ago at the time we studied in high-school. We went to this comfy place, enjoy chit chat for  the whole evening on the first floor. I can't describe everything in details, but she means a lot to me. While waiting for her arrival in Times Square's Starbucks, i ordered a double espresso and many memories of us flashed back at once. Almost one hour waiting in Starbuck, i couldn't even wait to see this girl before i getting into super busy schedule.

I was the one suggest the place to meet up ,obviously! All the way came from my home to Times Square, i brought a tiny DSLR, Ralph Lauren garment bag and a laptop bag which is carryable but quite heavy though. The main purpose to choose VCR simply because of the favorable design of the place , and ONE MORE ----
POTATO WAFFLE. In case you're wondering ,VCR is famous with their cakes offered in a variety of flavours. The most famous one is The King. We decided to try their cakes for the next time.

The design of the place is just that simple, no fancy paintings on the wall, the position of sofa and tables placed in the good positions, leaving enough space to allow people to walk from one place to another place.

Conclusion for the meet-up :

We perceived ourselves many things to tell to each other, but 2-3 hours seemed like too short for us to sum up what we've had done in the past and present.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Enjoying food with street view - Geographer Cafe Malacca

Sitting in the Geographer with my lover and a best friend, i feel myself a kind of remaining incommunicado from my lover and best friend. Nothing much to describe about the joyous moment of having the dinner here, you could just pick a favorite drink, choose outdoor seats on the ground floor which is followed by the atmosphere at the Jonker Street. 

I came here for Tom Yam Coconut Soup, too bad it was sold out for two days. :(

Well, i am grateful that i have the best lover and friend to give me so much fun. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A lazy afternoon - Calanthe Art Cafe


If you like to try various coffee flavours instead of just drinking  a cup of pure espresso, here is a good place to hang out with different type of coffee lovers.

Dishes are just average good standards.

Oh ya, the most impressive thing to mention here is they also offer Malaysia's traditional Kopi' O. :-)

Monday, 5 January 2015

The Reunion

This is our first time travel in six years. Sleeping, eating, walking, chatting together...I'm lucky to have such sweet memory with Meizi , one of the Xueji's friend still keep in touch after we graduated from secondary high school. Even while planning what to do in the destination, still wondered if i was doing the right decision as travelling in Malacca wasn't always a fresh and different exposure to history and culture.

All matter the most is choosing a right travel parter so disapointment can be avoided. The trip went smoothly and not-in-rush. We wouldn't like to  make this travel if our timeline is bound by a mindset which is everything MUST do. 

Despite  of knowing that Malacca is notable with cycle-rickshaw, I would prefer this type of decoration compared to the other such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty or the Frozen characters.

Chinese version

Friday, 2 January 2015

You are never over

Before I start the retrieve of every intense moment happened in 2014, i just wanna say - I've been through a lot for my life in 2014. 

All the decisions made considered neither right or wrong, but i seem to have many things gone wrong. 

I'm writing this with a heavy heart, though elaboration is difficult to sum up everything at once.  I saw there are a lot of facebook friends shared what they've done in 2014 in a  very simple numbered list. But i asking myself many times - life ain't just about the achievements , isn't it?  

When you try to recall something it is rewarding, do you notice there's possibility of missing out on something to bring you happiness? 

The utmost saddest moment to recall is about my father's death on  March 2014 due to a sudden heart attack. The few days before his death, both of us had the most ever unhappy conversation and that is the first time we were in quarrel.

Things always happen in dramatic way. Without using his real account, he texted me with a very long sentences  in smartphone, pretended one of my siblings to ask me for apologize in such matter. One of the long sentences is , " Don't you know how much to feel the pain to hear your unfriendly voice to shout at him? Your father has always been there as a supportive backbone to our family."

I chose to ignore the message after read it, blamed father for not understanding my situation. I've been thinking many time to phone him just to say a "sorry" , but i didn't make it happen because i didn't think i'm wrong.

In the end ,my resentment and the stubborn nature brought me the endless feeling of regret.

The decision to be an intern in Allianz Malaysia Berhad and a front-line worker in a five star hotel of Redang island  leading to the biggest impact in my life.

Instead of just loving the EDM  in the night club scene in the past, I am now truly obsessed with the sea to the level of dreaming to be a part-time professional diver in future. Previously , i never know about the sea. I used to afraid how does the sun burn people on the beach but now....I'm NOT, I can go to sea anytime without the sun block. Well, i don't like polluted sea like Port Dickson!

A new idea was added to my to-do list : working as a paid-volunteer in a non-profit organisation in the future.

During the time of working at Redang ,I had the first affair with a man that caused the difficulties in my existing relationship with FatBoy. We were closer to the edge of break up, but finally i decided to keep my faith in the relationship with FatBoy after figuring out what is "love". Now I am more determined to hold the relationship to the end of the world after experiencing the most bad situation which is usually faced by many couples nowadays. 

From a finance-degree student to a media student. Exposing myself to the nature increases self-confidence and perseverance. You gotta know many things can be out of expectation especially when you are snorkeling or diving in a site like paradise. hahaha......

I also had the biggest try to be a "model" in a competition organized by a club during the first semester enrolled  in my university on 18 June 2014.  I contributed my ever first time performance of playing guitar to this event. Besides, i was shortlisted to be the 20 (?)with other participants of Fashion Music Malaysia Model Search but i gave up to attend the interview.

The first time i received a ring from a guy in my entired life. lol Im not showing off, as this is one of the most significant things happened in 2014. I captured this photo at the first time we went to Langkawi for a short getaway from a busy city with the AirAsia flight. It becomes a must-wear-thing everyday! This absolutely makes a remark daily to myself as to remember how he is accompanying me along the way i wanted to do anything i want.

Finding coffee stuff, buying a smartphone,  cooking something special.....Don't say this is what a man is supposed to do, if he does , this is only when how much he cares for you. 

If only i would mention the names besides the FatBoy,there are also two person brighten up my university's life in 2014 which i could never forget in the rest of my life. Brother Hong and Kian.  They carried the most important role to cheer me up most of the time while i getting upset easily over small things. I am kind of eccentric girl but they are super-hyperactive guys! Hahahahaha.

Both of them supported me mentally,physically and financially regardless of asking to return anything. :')

Upon starting my life as a degree student , i also work as a part time tutor in week days to cover the cost of living. Just because of this reason, i must find a balance between work,play and study.

What I realized is THEY are never over, all of them carrying me forward to another step, in 2015.